It’s not what you say it’s the way that you say it…..

Success in interviews, presentations, meetings – or at noisy parties – is often down to how you sound. Can you be heard? And do people want to listen? Speech that’s dull or pushy  can be a real turn off – whereas a relaxed and expressive voice can work magicSpeak with clarity…Listen with curiosity

Leeds Voice Days was set up in 2008 by Voice Coach, Jane Oakshott and Speech Therapist, Jo Donnelly to help people find the magic in their own voice. Leeds Voice Days workshops are always practical, led by international voice coaches specially invited for their expertise and flair.

Techniques practiced on the Days include strategies and exercises towards improved:

Posture – Breath Control – Projection – Expressiveness  – Confidence

Find your own true sound – your own power and expression.

A voice that truly reflects you. A voice that brings confidence. A voice that works for you.

Jo Donnelly           Jane Oakshott MBE