New and Past Events

Stand and Deliver!

Punchy Presentations for Quiet People

Saturday November 19th 10.00 – 12.30pm

with Director, Actor, Performance Coach Jim Rastall

Learn how to tame your Inner Critic

• Transform nerves into positive energy and audience rapport

• Give your presentations real, lasting impact 

• Add a touch of sparkle to everyday conversations

2022 Personal Impact May 7th

At last! An In-person workshop

An opportunity to analyse and extend the qualities that make people

  • notice
  • listen to
  • respect
  • and engage with you

2022 Presence Jan 28th and Feb 4th 2022 on Zoom

What is it and can it be learnt?

2020/21  Zoom sessions

Practical vocal exercises for clear, engaging and lively speaking online.

The session yesterday was incredibly well planned with a good balance of different activities.
2019 Don’t Speak to the Wall!

A very practical, fun afternoon practising presentation skills: reading aloud and giving short talks to an audience. Particular focus on developing confidence and ease, the power of the pause and energised speech to engage your listeners.

2019 Free your Speaking Voice!
Led by:  Eleanor Rastall a successful choir conductor, singer and performance coach with actors, lawyers and the business community.
 A great afternoon learning exercises and techniques from the world of music to give a fresh perspective on speaking.
2018  Voice Skills…for public speaking, leadership, meetings and presentations
2018 Icebreaking with a Difference!

GeorgieGeorgie Nightingall

An evening event  of alternative questions, new ideas and interesting connections led by Georgie Nightingall from ‘Trigger Conversations’.

2017 Converse with Confidence!

Workshop to find key ways to converse with lively and engaging speech for networking, socialising, parties , meetings. A comment form one of the participants….

“I was in a situation yesterday of meeting and working with a team of people I didn’t know, and the networking/conversation tips you gave transformed the situation for me. An afternoon well spent! Thank you”

2017 Speak with Confidence!

Workshop to practice overcoming nerves and speaking with clarity and confidence

2016 Surprise Yourself – Knowledge and Know How

Workshop leaders Jane Oakshott, Theatre Director and Jo Donnelly, Speech and Voice Therapist share their knowledge and refreshing insights into the art and science of public speaking.

November 2015 FUNdamental Singing

SohoEleanor Rastall

To learn or improve basic singing technique with Eleanor Rastall – singing teacher, Assistant Musical Director at The Globe

July 6th 2015 Confidence..Hi…Now Fly!

A follow up – practise speaking to audiences

May 2015 and June 29th Shy..Why?….Confidence…Hi!

Techniques and strategies to sound and feel more confident and at ease

October 2014 Ways With Words
DSC_0884Neil Donnelly
Neil Donnelly Irish Writer, Broadcaster and Director – Workshop for interview and presentation skills
 March 2014 On the Spot

Skills for interviews and meetings

A very practical workshop to learn and practise techniques to:

    • Control nerves
    • Speak with confidence
  • Convey your ideas effectively
May 2013 Harmonious Voice at Leeds University

A workshop for singers and

    • Understanding the ‘science’ of the singing and speaking voice
    • Applying this knowledge in practice
    • Learn how the voice works; its physiology and acoustics.
    • Use computer analysis
  • Masterclass for speakers providing individual feedback
March 2013  with Dave Tonge one of the best story tellers in the UK

Leeds Voice Day sponsored two events at the Headingley Literature Festival

Tell it Your Way

A fun story telling workshop offering tips and tricks for those wanting to perform or simply engage an audience with confidence

Tavern Tales

In tavern inn yards long ago friends and neighbours gathered to hear news, gossip ..and stories

October 2012  Voice Skills for Personal Impact with Barbara Houseman

B Houseman

    • This very practical session focused on ways to:
    • Speak with more confidence and clarity
    • Engage your listener more dynamically
  • Enhance your presence and effectiveness
April 2012 Play on Words: It’s not what you say it’s the way that you say

Neil Donnelly  Irish Writer, Broadcaster, Director.
This workshop looked at strategies and tips for speaking with more confidence; techniques for beating nerves and developing a more engaging voice for work and social life.

2011 Speak your Mind or The Games of Life? with Jim Rastall and Phil Sarson

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 18.15.07Phil Sarson and Jim Rastall

Improvisation workshop focusing on ‘status games’

“Your body language, voice, eye contact and posture all affect your status. Change these and you will notice your status changes. Experimenting with changes helps us to feel and recognise the effect status has on us and the people we meet.

2011 Speak for Yourself with Jane Oakshott Voice and Performance Coach

 An opportunity to extend and enjoy the voice in a varied and creative way, through poetry, improvisation and sound pictures.

2010 Speak Easy with Eluned Owen Lecturer in Voice

An introduction to voice care and basic voice skills for presentations.

2010 Effective and Creative Voice  with Christina Shewell MA FRCSLT ADVS

This session focused on the relationship between the mind and the voice. Strategies for maintaining a confident sound.

2009 Explore  Dynamic Speaking with Barbara Houseman

b housemanBarbara Houseman

Explored the voice, developing expressiveness, energy and pace and ways of coping with stressful speaking situations.

2008 Finding Your Voice  with Barbara Houseman Voice Coach

This workshop looked at understanding the voice and ways of developing vocal  ease and confidence.